Advertising Policy

Advertising helps sellers grow their brands contribute to the overall Brand awareness of our Sellers. Juju marketplace has multiple advertising channels to promote Your listings or brand.
Our Advertising Policy explains your rights and responsibilities when
using Juju marketplace Promote feature from the seller dashboard.

Advertising services.
This policy is a part of our Terms of Use.

Promoted Listings

  Sellers can advertise their products through Juju Market Place Promoted Listings enter the product id/SKU you want your product to list with, and also enter your product id/SKU. Your product will be listed alongside similar products in our related products or up-sell products


 Promoted Banners

Use Promoted Profile Banners to raise your Juju customer awareness of your store, your profile banner alongside your Personalized massage will be featured on the home.


  • Ad Budgets & Billing

You can set a budget of Five (5) dollars up to fifty (50) dollars the amount you are willing to pay juju marketplace.
All ads run from a minimum of one (1) week to (4) four weeks. Juju marketplace uses third party payment gateways such as PayPal, Skirl etc. All users of Juju Market Place Promote feature must abide by the policies of these third-party agents.

  • Disclaimers

    Juju Market place reserves the right to remove any Promoted listing or Banner that violates any of our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use. see prohibited list.


 Shopping Engine Ads

Shopping engines are third party platforms that allow users to easily
find and compare products from various online marketplaces and
retailers. By enabling Shopping Engine Ads in your account, you grant
Juju Market Place permission to promote your listings to different shopping engines
(“Shopping Engine Ads”), in order to show your products to potential
buyers that may not be searching on Juju Market Place. You may opt out of the
Shopping Engine Ads program at any time by disabling the feature in
your shop settings.
Some examples may include:
•       Google Shopping
•       Bing
•       eBay
•       Amazon
•       Facebook